About COHA GreenTECH Certification Program

The COHA GreenTECH Certification will:

  • provide education & training to empower members to create & maintain environmentally sound oil-fired heating systems by:
    • maximizing the efficiency of existing oil-fired heating systems
    • specifying high performance replacements
  • provide recognition for our membership as leaders in the design, installation and servicing of leading edge, oil fired, energy efficient heating and domestic hot water systems.
  • provide current information about people, products and processes to enable members to stay at the cutting edge of their trade
  • provide educational information to the public to increase awareness of the benefits of energy efficient oil-fired systems, and the advantage of engaging our members’ services
  • provide input to CODE authorities to help write effective, meaningful and achievable standards, regarding today’s energy-efficient oil-fired systems.

Why become a COHA GreenTECH Certified industry professional?

By becoming a COHA GreenTECH certified industry professional, your organization will be recognized as a progressive company intent on providing the best possible service to homeowners.

The COHA GreenTECH Certification offers you the opportunity to showcase you and your company’s professionalism above and beyond the norm. Remember that your honesty, integrity and professionalism are the ingredients for customer loyalty.

Who can become COHA GreenTECH Certified industry professional?

  • Organizations interested in becoming COHA GreenTECH Certified contractors can apply to COHA for training and education. Click here to download application form.

    Training is open to HVAC companies operating in Canada. The accreditation process is comprised of valuable education modules, and requires participation on various COHA endorsed training courses and seminars offering CEU’s (Continuing Education Units).