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GreenTech Certificate

The word ‘green’ has entered our lives on a daily basis and has become a catch all term for all things environmentally or eco-friendly. From our industry perspective and specifically for our purposes with this new initiative, ‘green’ means maximizing the energy efficiency of existing oil-fired heating systems, including domestic hot water and specifying the most efficient systems for the customers and their budget for new installations. Everyone wants to be green and reduce energy consumption and costs. WE need to become our customers ‘energy partner of choice’ by meeting our customers growing need to be green and reduce energy consumption. The COHA GreenTECH Certification program will produce individuals dedicated to excellence and innovation in their field. They will be accepted by our customers as their ‘Energy Partner’. Becoming GreenTECH Certified can become a huge boost to the future of our members, our industry, and will help us grow and prosper.

Oil is still a major source of heating in Canada. Issue is presented only if oil equipment is not installed, serviced and repaired in a proper manner. Technological advancement and enforcement of stringent regulations, and changing consumer demands are leading the way toward continuous educations.

To support the COHA GreenTECH launch, the Technical and Education Development Committee has planned, developed and will deliver a series of new training modules in field practices, for example, Green Awareness – Your House as an Energy System. Customers trust their Oilheat Technicians on energy issues. Newly qualified as GreenTECHs, they will maintain customer’s equipment at peak efficiency while reducing emissions, and their customer’s carbon footprint, saving them money as well. Efficiency and conservation are the greenest energy of all.

One of the important components of the COHA GreenTECH Certification is to take care of oilheat customers and take responsibility for their Energy Conservation Investments. Our first priority is to do everything we can to help customers conserve energy and lower heating costs. We want to help them examine what investments in conservation will give them the best return.