How to Earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Continuing Education Units or CEUs help ensure the best technical performance throughout the Oilheat Industry. Non-members are encouraged to participate in COHA advanced technical training sessions but will not be awarded the COHA GreenTECH Certified designation. Even if you are not enrolled in the certification program, CEU classes will sharpen your skills.

There are several ways to earn CEUs after applying to COHA:

  • Attending the COHA on-line school via Online Modules
  • Attending COHA approved classes or seminars from training partners
  • Attending COHA provincial chapter technical seminars

Intangible and other potential benefits

COHA GreenTECH Certified program will help pave a successful Green path in HVAC industry for oil heating.

Technician Benefits:

  • Showcase company information in the COHA website
  • Gain a competitive advantage in the market place – become a COHA GreenTECH Certified
  • Validate your expertise and feel the pride and recognition associated with being one of the best
  • Demonstrate you are a highly competent professional who has met the standards for experience, knowledge, attitude and skills
  • Improve your career growth opportunities, advancement, and earnings potential
  • Demonstrate to your employers that you have solid technical skills backed with knowledge, and rise to the challenge of learning
  • Continue to upgrade your skills and your desire for excellence, and adhere to a high industry standard
  • Allowed to use the COHA GreenTECH logo
  • Access to a premium reduction on COHA Contractors Liability Insurance Program

Company Benefits:

  • Set a measurable benchmark within your service team
  • Differentiate your service team by increasing their credibility
  • Set a hiring standard for new staff
  • Assist with ongoing training and career development through a defined model
  • Demonstrate your commitment to the profession as the employer
  • Maintain and identify your business as a dynamic, environmental friendly and professional organisation.

Training Partners Benefits:

  • Demonstrate your commitment to the industry and provide learning opportunities
  • Ensuring quality installations by qualified professionals

    Identify your company as being able to train our technicians to a new high standard of excellence.