GreenTech Certificate

The word ‘green’ has entered our lives on a daily basis and has become a catchall term for all things environmentally or eco, friendly. From our industry perspective and specifically for our purposes with this new initiative, ‘green’ means maximizing the energy efficiency of existing oil-fired heating systems, including domestic hot water and specifying the most efficient systems for the customers and their budget for new installations. Everyone wants to be green and reduce energy consumption and costs. We need to become our customers ‘energy partner of choice’ by meeting our customers growing need to be green and reduce energy

About COHA GreenTECH Certification Program

The COHA GreenTECH Certification will:

  • provide education & training to empower members to create & maintain environmentally sound oil-fired heating systems by:
    • maximizing the efficiency of existing oil-fired heating systems
    • specifying high performance replacements
  • provide recognition for our membership as leaders in the design, installation and servicing of leading edge, oil fired, energy efficient heating and domestic hot water systems.
  • provide current information about people, products and processes to enable members to stay at the cutting edge of their trade