GreenTech Certificate

GreenTECHâ„¢ Certification Code of Ethics

COHA issues GreenTECHâ„¢ certificates of qualification to candidates who have the required amount of relevant field experience, have completed specified courses of study and have achieved a passing grade on examinations designed to test competence in the required skill areas.

Why GreenTECHâ„¢ Certification?

GreenTECH™ certification is about professionalism, pride, knowledge, proficiency and consumer trust because GreenTECH™ certified technicians are experts in residential oil-fired equipment. A good business choice…Becoming a GreenTECH™ certified technician.

Why become GREENTECHâ„¢ Certified?

Technicians taking the course can prove they have the knowledge to be the best. The proud symbol of GreenTECH™ is recognized by the oilheat industry and increasing numbers of homeowners, regulators and insurance carriers. The mark of Technician Excellence…COHA GreenTECH™ certified Technician.

Who supports GreenTECHâ„¢ Certification?

Homeowners support GreenTECHâ„¢ Certification for the assurance of a knowledgeable, well trained and experienced technician will provide quality service to their oil-fired home heating system.

Government agency and regulators support GreenTECHâ„¢ Certification for the quality installation and servicing of oil-fired equipment that saves money, energy and environment.

Insurance carriers support GreenTECHâ„¢ Certification for the knowledge that the job is done right the first time and more productive than non-certified technicians while preventing loss and reducing risk.

Technicians and fuel oil companies support GreenTECHâ„¢ Certification for they know what is best for them and their future.

To maintain GreenTechâ„¢ certification in good standing, including the right to use the GreenTech logo on letterhead and advertising, the person must renew his or her certification annually, complete courses in the GreenTechâ„¢ continuing education series from time to time as required and comply with the terms of the GreenTechâ„¢ Code of Ethics below:

  • A certificate holder will protect the rights and safety of others and use reasonable skill and judgment while engaged in the practice of oilheat technical work in accordance with the terms and conditions of the GreenTechâ„¢ certification.
  • A certificate holder will adhere to federal, provincial and municipal laws, regulations or bylaws relating to the sale, installation, inspection or maintenance of fuel oil systems.
  • A certificate holder will not knowingly sign or issue a false or misleading certificate, report or other document.
  • A certificate holder will not make a false, exaggerated or misleading statement as to the scope or nature of the technical, inspection or advisory work provided.
  • A certificate holder will not make a false or malicious statement or publication that injures the professional reputation of another holder of a valid GreenTechâ„¢ certificate.