FAQ for GreenTECH Certification Program

Who can become COHA GreenTECH Certified?
  1. A COHA member in good standing (or your company); and
  2. A holder of a provincial technician’s license; and
  3. Complete 5 Continuos Education Unit (CEU) in 2010.
How can you become a COHA GreenTECH Certified technician?

If you are qualified (see above criteria), submit an application form – click here for form – along with a copy of your Provincial Certification/License to COHA National.

Where do I go to register to become COHA GreenTECH Certified technician?

Once you have completed 5 CEUs you will be contacted by COHA National and we will send you the application/registration form.

Why would I become a COHA GreenTECH Certified technician?

By becoming a COHA GreenTECH certified industry professional, your organization will be recognized as a progressive company, intent on providing the best possible service to homeowners. The COHA GreenTECH Certification offers you the opportunity to showcase you and your company’s professionalism, above and beyond the norm.

What is a CEU?

CEU stands for Continuing Education Unit

When can I register to be a COHA GreenTECH Certified technician?

Once you have completed 5 CEUs.

How many CEUs do I need to become certified?

Once you complete 5 CEUs, you are qualified for Bronze (entry level) Certification. In the next calendar year, you can achieve the Silver Certification by completing 15 CEUs. Or you can maintain the Bronze Certification by completing 5 CEUs.

How do I register for the on-line training?

Go to http://www.cohatraining.com/ and go to SIGN UP NOW.

What other courses/training offer CEUs?

Burner and Efficiency Training offer 4 CEUs, On-line Training offers 3 CEUs per module. There will be many trainings to be offered in 2011.

Does COHA GreenTECH Certification replace my Provincial License?

The COHA GreenTECH Certification program will not replace any jurisdictional authority.

How to Earn Continue Education Units (CEUs)

There are several ways to earn CEUs: Attending the COHA on-line school via www.oilheat.ca Attending COHA approved classes or seminars from training partners Attending COHA provincial chapter technical seminars Attending COHA technical webinars (available soon)

Do I have to be a COHA member to be certified?

Yes, you do need to be a COHA member in good standing to be certified.

Is there a fee to be GreenTECH Certified?

There is not a fee to be GreenTECH certified, the only fees are for registering for courses/seminars.

When do I start to accumulate CEU towards my certification level?

Once you have completed an on-line training module or attended a Burner and Efficiency Training course.

What are the benefit entitlements for COHA GreenTECH Certificated technicians?
  • Demonstrate to your employers that you have solid technical skills backed with knowledge, and rise to the challenge of learning.
  • Showcase company information on the COHA website.
  • Gain a competitive advantage in the market place – become COHA GreenTECH Certified.
  • Validate your expertise and feel the pride and recognition associated with being one of the best.
  • Demonstrate you are a highly competent professional, who has met the standards for experience, knowledge, attitude and skills, set by our COHA GreenTECH Certification Institute.
  • Improve your career growth opportunities, advancement, and earnings potential.
  • Continue to upgrade your skills and your desire for excellence, and adhere to a high industry standard.
  • Allowed to use the COHA GreenTECH logo
  • Access to a premium reduction on COHA Contractors Liability Insurance Program
Will the personal information on my profile be shared with anyone else?

Your personal information will not be shared but your contact/company information will appear on the www.oilheat.ca website under the Technician’s tab once you are certified.

Do I need to quote my COHA Training ID number when registering for a course?

Once you are registered in the program, you will be provided with a Training ID, always use it for registering for training courses.

Can I view my profile on-line?

Yes, once you have registered at www.oilheat.ca you can log on and view your profile.

When does my Certification expire?

Your Certification will expire on December 31 at the end of each calendar year.

What do I received as a Bronze Level Certified technician once I sign up to the program?

Once you are been registered as a Certified GreenTECH Technician your name will be listed on www.oilheat.ca, you will receive a certificate, a badge and a Golf Shirt with the GreenTECH logo.

Do my CEUs carry over from one calendar year to the next?

No they do not carry over from one year to the next. Please see “How many CEUs do I need to become certified?” for further details.

What is the maximum CEUs that I will receive in a calendar year?

There is no maximum CEUs limit. You may take as many training courses that you wish, they will NOT be carried forward to the next calendar year.

When do my CEUs expire?

Your CEUs expire at the end of each calendar year.

How many CEUs will I receive by attending/participating in on-line training?

One on-line module is 3 CEUs.

If I have any questions regarding missing CEUs, who can I contact?

Contact COHA National Office by phone 800-257-1593 or email admin@coha.ca

Do you have to be an OBT to attend COHA training courses/on-line training?

No, you do not have to be an OBT to attend the courses or on-line training.